Community Facilitation

Community Facilitation

Authentic and engaging consultation that delivers practical results

We all want stronger non-profits working for our community, the work they do benefits us all! But we need an authentic way to engage with them to better understand their needs, challenges and opportunities.

Many community groups also want a community ‘champion’ to accurately reflect their voice.

Positive community engagement can be motivational and a great morale booster. Giving hard-working volunteers and staff the boost, they need to continue the valuable impact work their doing to build a healthy community.

There’s a range of methodologies we’re very familiar with but off-the shelf solutions aren’t what you need.

We design and develop the approach that will achieve the desired outcome, not a tool we think is cool or the latest trend. Every experience in the engagement process is designed to achieve the interests for all stakeholders.

It’s not short-term ‘need it now’ thinking either.  Careful consideration has to be given to how this information informs medium to long term approaches.

Our team of subject matter experts have been involved in some significant consultations that have positively impacted the communities they’ve worked in. We’ve worked on important projects such as community and council strategic planning.

Councils we have worked with.