Not-For-Profit Funding Training

Having a well-funded organisation is beneficial for everyone involved. 

All community groups benefit from having the knowledge of how to attract funding to help with the sustainability of their organisation. 

Funding is often the lifeblood of the organisation

Finding funding is one of the most critical requirements for sustainability and can take some of the pressure off the ongoing funders. 

So providing guidance on how to apply for grants and tenders is the obvious choice. But you don’t have the time or resources to develop your own training material in house especially if you are not an expert in the subject

Training options should be easy to understand

Organisations, and not for profits of any size, should be able to get access to low-cost training when they need it and it should be a straightforward process.

Why should community groups waste time applying for grants,tenders and sponsorship applications that continue to be unsuccessful without having the professional tips and tricks to succeed?

There should be options to train how to get funding that best suits the budget and the community members. The training should be easy to understand and delivered in a way that suits everyone.

Raising Funds


  • Developing a fundraising plan
  • Attracting and retaining funders
  • Sponsorship: 101 or Advanced sessions
  • Developing partnerships: : 101 or Advanced
  • Tender writing: 101 or Advanced sessions
  • Grant writing: 101 or Advanced sessions
  • Raising funds online


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